Welcome to simple elegance in the heartland of Anatolia…

SIRINCE EVLERI is the first boutique hotel of Sirince, a place referred to by Dido Sotiriou as "paradise on Earth" in her famous novel “Farewell Anatolia”. Opened in 1993, this smallest hotel of Sirince has only 6 rooms and 14 beds. The owner is from İstanbul: Ahmet Kocak.

SIRINCE EVLERI consists of two rustic Greek houses, Altınyaprak and Karadut, restored in keeping with local architectural characteristics, in every corner of which you will find traces of 19th century Anatolian culture.

Altınyaprak, located in the center of the village, is the first house which the owner Kocak “fell in love with at first sight”. Built by the Greeks before the Turkish-Greek exchange in 1924, the house is now 97 years old. With its doors and hall ceiling carved in rosewood, remains of the Greek era, Altınyaprak is full of ancient furniture collected from Anatolian villages and cities by Ahmet Kocak during his years of work as a tourist guide. The building carries the 19th century traditional characteristics of a provincial mansion with its bathroom designed as a Turkish bath (hamam) and the oriental hall with fireplace. It was recently registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a sample of cultural heritage to be preserved in its original state.

Karadut, the main unit of SIRINCE EVLERI, was built as a mansion 107 years ago by Vassili, a rich tobacco merchant from Kirkica. Today it has 4 air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. The welcoming terrace also hosts breakfast with a picturesque panorama of magical beauty.

SIRINCE EVLERI invites its distinguished guests to discover the atmosphere of an ethnographic museum with ancient furniture and authentic decoration selected with great care. With its unspoilt cultural mission of bringing its guests together with the practical and ancient values of the Anatolian people, SIRINCE EVLERI provides the expected comforts of modern daily life with hot water, heating and air-conditioning.

Starting 12 years ago as the first provincial example of the "boutique hotel" concept, SIRINCE EVLERI is now a place of international renown. The owner, Ahmet Kocak, explains the secret of this success as due to his management formula, consisting of:

- maintaining principles… In order to continue providing quality service, we have decided to remain the smallest hotel in Şirince now and in the future. In other words, despite the increasing number of guests and requests we receive every year, SIRINCE EVLERI will always be a boutique hotel consisting of two houses, limited to their original capacity of 6 rooms.

- knowing that smiling, friendliness and sincerity are the basics of boutique hotel management... That is why we employ friendly and open-hearted young people from the village who are natural communicators with our guests, rather than numerous multilingual service personnel.

- providing customised service... We welcome you on our panaromic terrace and arrange your breakfast at the time you set, reserving the place for you only, ensuring your privacy.

- protecting the environment... We are the custodians of the natural beauty of Sirince. We, therefore, do our best to ensure that all organic and inorganic waste from our establishment is recycled. We re-use fax and printer paper. We collect our garbage, separately packed for plastic, metal and glass, and carry it to İzmir for re-cycling. Tomato and orange peels are given to neighbours cows, and left over cheese, sausages, and milk are for the cats and dogs, a sign of responsibility and awareness of the fact that life on Earth concerns all those who dwell upon it.

- acting upon your comments... We know that we are not perfect, despite our meticulous care, and depend on your comments and recommendations to be even better in the future.

- knowing that the small details can make a big difference… 


We look forward to seeing you among our distinguished guests at SIRINCE EVLERI.